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  • Online Streaming

  • Worship Aid for weekend Masses

    Songs and readings for  weekend Masses,
    click HERE.
    Music for liturgies obtained from ONE LICENSE, License #A-713646.

  • Spiritual Communion Prayer

    If you are watching this Mass remotely, please click here join in the Spiritual Communion Prayer at the time that you would normally receive Jesus in the Most Holy Eucharist at Mass.

  • Marion Food Pantry Donations

      If you can spare some items from your pantry,with the change in weather upon us, please place your donated goods inside the vestibule, in the corner near the elevator.  Doors will be open weekdays 8:00 - 4:00.

    Items that are particularly short on the shelves right now include;  canned soups,  mac & cheese, pancake mix, pancake syrup and the always popular...toliet paper. 
  • Funeral pre-planning...it's not too scary

    I know you've thought about it, now let me help you complete the task.  

    Funeral Pre-planning is easy, and smart.  By spending just a short time we can help you be sure that;
           -  YOUR wishes are known
           -  the readings and hymns you like are used
           -  your family eliminates the stress of trying
              to figure out "what Mom would have 
           -  assures the funeral home you select has
              a solid plan to follow 

    It's totally free, takes just a short time, and you can edit your plan at anytime you wish!  Sadly, as our children are less and less active in the Church, this is one way to ensure that your wishes for a fully "Catholic" funeral are heard. 

    Give Deacon Jeff a call 377-4869 or drop me an email  j.volker@dbqarch.org  and let me help you take one worry out of your day!

    Click graphic for details

  • How can we serve you?

    We know that not everyone is comfortable coming back to a public Mass just yet.  Whether that is due to medical concerns or just an uncomfortable feeling being with others as this pandemic continues to hold us.  

    Let us serve you!  

    If you find yourself unable to attend Mass and you still hunger for the Eucharist, let us know!  
    The Deacons and a group of dedicated lay-ministers have returned to making home Communion visits.  If you would like to receive the Eucharist, all you have to do is let me know!

    Call Deacon Jeff,  377-4869 and we'll make it happen!