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  • Online Streaming

  • Spiritual Communion Prayer

    If you are watching this Mass remotely, please click here join in the Spiritual Communion Prayer at the time that you would normally receive Jesus in the Most Holy Eucharist at Mass.

  • Marion Food Pantry Donations

    We are still able to collect donations for the Marion Food Pantry.  If you can spare some items from your pantry, simply place donations on the bench outside the main entrance. 
    Covid precations will be taken by parsih staff in handling all donations. 

    Typically pantries are always short on; canned fruit, jelly, and any sort of "meal" like canned stews, chef-boy-ardee stuff, and any of the hamburger helper type products. 
  • Rice Bowls - Delayed Submission

    Since Mass is temporarily suspended and the parish office is closed we will not be collecting the Rice Bowl money at this time. Once Mass resumes we will let you know when the Rice Bowl collection will take place. Please do not drop the money off at the office at this time.
    Thank you for understanding.

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